TUJI PARTNERS is a financial advisory firm focused primarily on the purchase and sale of privately held businesses. We also offer consulting services and private investment to businesses seeking to maximize value in anticipation of an eventual sale.

Our services to owners of privately held businesses include valuation, succession planning, private equity investment and seller representation. Most business owners sell only one business in a lifetime. Our extensive experience in the purchase and sale of privately-held businesses is a distinct advantage when the time comes to find a buyer or negotiate price and terms.

We also work with active buyers of privately-held businesses. Our services include identification of prospective acquisition candidates, screening against defined acquisition criteria, due diligence examinations and active representation through the negotiation of price and terms and closing of the transaction.

The advisors of  TUJI PARTNERS have extensive hands-on experience in operations, management and strategic planning in a variety of industries. Even if you are not currently contemplating the sale of your business, we can offer valuable insights to assist you in creating long-term value while structuring your business properly to optimize its future value.

TUJI PARTNERS has an established network of experienced financial and legal professionals. Our flexible staffing model allows us to bring the right mix of skills and experience to every engagement on cost-effective terms, whether it’s supporting your existing professional advisors or providing turn-key representation.

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